Dancing With The Ark Stars 2013 Huge Success!!

One again, Carolina Dancesport here in sunny Charleston South Carolina participated in an extraordinary charity event supporting Alzheimer’s Respite Care.  The Ark, as known to most folks here in the Lowcountry, is an organization devoted to providing relief for the care givers of Alzheimer’s patients.  Many families are touched by this debilitating disease and are in need of a well deserved break.  The Ark, does just that.  In their endeavor to promote awareness and support for the caregivers, they have partnered with local Summerville celebrities and the Carolina Dancesport team of professionals to host an evening of Dancing With the Ark Stars.  The evening started with some fabulous food and beverages and general dancing, then a pro-show was in order from Jaime Emerine and Teresa Rogers who danced the Foxtrot to an extremely popular song “Miss Kiss KIss Bang Bang”!  The crowd enjoyed their performance thoroughly and so the evening began with quite the round of applause.


The local “Celbs” included Mildred Blanton Retired Real Estate Agent with Carolina One, Con Chellis, George “Jordy” Tupper of Tupper Construction, the Summerville Fire Chief Richard Waring, Ellen Priest from the Summerville Journal, Margie Pizarro, Attorney at Law, Cammy Groome, Principle at Newington Elementary, and Bill Summers of Vision Financial Inc.  The professional dancers were Teresa Rogers, Josh “pork-chop” Ortiz, aka, “Tubby”, Lorna, “I win everytime” Parkinson, Jaime, “How old and Fat are theses pro’s?” Emerine, Monica,”I’m the glue that keeps this $#!+ together” Emerine, and Chris “The White Michael Jackson” McCandlish!  This was such an exciting event.  First, good ole’ “Pork-chop” had to have his requisite 3 pair of pants as he’s never quite sure how big his gut’s gonna be!  Then there’s the back hair!  Wow!!!  He’s got more chins than a Chinese phone book as well!  There was enough food in Ortiz’s locker to feed the 5th Battalion!  Talk about hoarders!  But enough about Ortiz and his Gut….let’s get to the dancing.  Mildred and Jaime danced a two dance medley of Tango and Cha-Cha.  The crowd went wild and as it were, she was the People’s Choice Winner garnering most of the Popular Vote.  Jordy and Lorna performed an awesome Country Novelty- Two-Step number that was for sure the crowd’s favorite.  Performing to Kenny Chesney’s “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” Got the crowd reved up and from then it was on….as they had beers in hand as the big finish!  Con Chellis and Lorna, The Judge’s favorite, danced an exhilarating Rumba and Swing medley to a real retro song from Dirty Dancing.  Monica and the Fire Chief Richard danced a smooth version of the Foxtrot to Beyond the Sea, a George Benson favorite.  Up next was Ce’lo Green’s popular song “Forget You” performed by Teresa and Bill…again the crowd ate up their music, and their performance was flawless!  Cammy and Ortiz dancing to Van Halen’s version of “Hot For Teacher” was a crowd favorite as they performed an energetic East Coast Swing.  Wow….was she H.O.T!  Ortiz, who has to be in every number, was up with Ellen in a performance from the smash hit “Grease” dancing to “you’re The One That I Want” as a red hot Salsa!  Who knew the editor could move like that?  Finally, Margie and Chris did a delightful version of a Michael Jackson number “Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough” which they danced a crowd pleasing Cha-Cha.  So all in all the dancing was such a hit and gobs of money was raised for an exceptional cause!  Be sure to join The Carolina Dancesport crew for their show May 17th at the studio!

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