Add Some “Swing” To Your Spring And Get Fit With Fun!

What?  Swing?  “I have two left feet and I’m way to busy to join a gym…..oh yeah, and I’m too busy….did I mention that I was to busy”?  How many times have you said those things to yourself?  Chances are you want to become a good dancer.  I bet your Wife wants you to become a good dancer too!  Dancing is one of the most wonderful activities couples can share with each other.  Being able to hold the love of your life in you arms and move as one is an unexplainable feeling.  Dancing is something that brings couples together in a way no other activity does.  It has a way of turning a bad day into a good one.  Give us a call at 843-270-1263 to get started with your first lesson and start enjoying life again!          

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