Happy Holiday Hours Of Operation At C.D.S.C!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Happy New Year to all!  2017 has been a very unusual year and has brought many changes to the Carolina Dancesport here in Charleston.  As we all know, people come and go in our lives and we question why.  Most times there are clear cut answers and that’s that as they say.  Occasionally however, things happen that make you question your very core.  You live a life that no longer resembles one you’ve lived for years.  It’s never a good idea to assess blame in these circumstances.  We should however, try our best to learn from the instances that change our lives and in effect, become better as a result of the issues at hand.  Coping skills vary from individual to individual and should bee seen as a way forward in this man’s humble opinion.  With that in mind, Monica will no longer be a part of the Carolina Dancesport team.  She’s decided to make a life changing move.  Her decision is met with sadness.  Many factors have gone into her decision one can assume.  The fact remains that she will be deeply missed and will always be loved by so many.  We here at the C.D.S.C. wish her the best of luck going forward and will always have a special place in our hearts for her as she touched so many lives.  With that being said, The studio will be closed on the following dates:December 15-26.  We will reopen for the few days in between and will close again on the 30th through the 2nd and reopen on the 3rd.  Also, We will be closed from January 6th until January 15th.  We hope everyone has a joyous and prosperous as well as hopeful holiday season and may God bless you and yours!    

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