Time To Fall Back And That Means More Dancing!!!!!

It’s that time of year again when the clock goes backward….who knew?  That just means it’s more time to dance!  Get your Dance On with the Carolina Dancesport of Charleston by contacting us to find out how to get started with a life of fun and energy!  Dancing is an incredible way to lose weight, get toned, acquire a new skill and just plain have fun!  We teach all the popular dances and some that aren’t!  I’ll do the comedy…what little there is!  anyway Roll Tide Roll!  How did Georgia become #1?  Damn!  That sucks!  Well, Bama will have to beat the hell outta LSU this weekend so we can pass the”eye test” as they say.  So glad Clemson has fallen to Syracuse.  I know, that isn’t right buuuutttt!   

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