Cancellation Policy

What?  You can’t make your appointment?  Well we’re just not accepting cancellations today!  Obviously life is busy and things pop up from day to day that make it difficult for us to keep all of our appointments.  We totally understand.  Sometimes we need to rearrange our schedules too!  Our cancellation policy is simple.  We require a 24 hour notice upon cancellation of appointments so the instructors may adjust their schedules accordingly .  We only charge clients in rare circumstances for missed appointments or appointments that have been cancelled too late.  Habitual cancellation, not within the margins of timeliness, is disrespectful to the professional’s time that’s rendering the service and therefore is frowned upon by the management.  We reserve the right to amend this policy and due so on a case by case basis.  Hey, it’s not personal, just good business.     

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